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Sapporo Dome
Sapporo Dome is the heart of sports and entertainment in Northern Japan.
Hitsujigaoka, where Sapporo Dome is located, is a 45-minute drive from New Chitose Airport.
In Hitsujigaoka stands the statue of Doctor Clark, whose words “Boys, be ambitious!” still influence the people of Hokkaido.

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Basic Information
Before entry

Items you can bring into the stadium

During soccer or pro baseball games, you can bring your camera into the stadium. Please respect and consider other people. During concerts, devices such as cameras and IC recorders are prohibited from being brought into the stadium.

Beverages in glass bottles, cans and PET bottles must be poured into a cup at the entry gate. All foods, including bento boxes, are prohibited from being brought into the stadium. Personal water bottles and thermoses are allowed.

Things to enjoy before your event begins

A free commemorative section is situated beside the West Gate. It introduces the two local franchise teams and displays items collected from concerts held at Sapporo Dome.

At the North Gate, the official goods shop “Goods Jam” and the restaurant “Sports Stadium Sapporo” are open from 10AM. Enjoy shopping or eating before you enter the stadium. You can access these facilities after you have entered the stadium during both soccer and pro baseball games.

After entry


Coin-operated lockers are available inside and outside of the stadium. They come in various sizes, so you can store luggage, including carry-on baggage. The four locker rooms inside of the stadium are available from the event start to finish time. The locker room outside of the stadium is available from 10AM to 6PM.
Please note that none of these lockers are accessible during concerts.


An ATM (AEON Bank) is located beside the North Gate inside of the stadium. It accepts the following cards issued overseas: UnionPay, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, VISA and PLUS.

Entertainments before the game starts

There are many restaurants, bento stands and other shops in the stadium.

Caution in the stadium

During some events, your ticket may be checked by the staff in the stadium.
Please carry your ticket at all times when you walk around the stadium.
Please be aware that re-entry is prohibited. Once you exit the stadium during a soccer game, pro baseball game or concert, you cannot be readmitted.

Observatory special days

The observatory is open on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays during Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters baseball games and on any days of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo soccer games in Sapporo Dome. You can access the observatory from the stadium (fee required).

Days without events

On days with no events and in mornings before night games, the following are open or available for visitors: the Dome Tour, the Observatory, the Sports Stadium Sapporo restaurant and the Goods Jam official merchandise shop.
Parking is 300 yen for 2 hours on days without events (discounts on some facilities are provided for the parking lot users). Sapporo Dome is an interesting and convenient drive destination.
Please check the “Dome Schedule” webpage for each facility’s hours.

Hovering Technology
The world's first “Hovering Soccer Stage”

A “hovering soccer stage” system, the first such system in the world, allows for both soccer and baseball games. The gigantic natural turf soccer pitch, measuring 120m by 85m and weighing 8,300t, slowly rolls from outdoors into the enclosed arena at 4 m/min on 34 wheels, hovering 7.5cm by air pressure, through the Moving Wall, which has opened to allow this. The soccer stage is set in the open area outside the stadium to grow the natural turf when no games are scheduled.

Artificial turf for the baseball field is rolled up. Sliding walls are driven electrically. The outfield seats retract when the walls slide open. The pitcher's mound and the bases are stowed under the floor of the arena. The revolving banks of seats move in tandem with the hovering soccer field. Once the field has moved into the arena, it rotates 90 degrees in tandem with the revolving banks of seats. The positions of the field and the seats are adjusted. The walls slide closed and the retractable seats are re-extended. This completes the changeover to the soccer configuration.
Great Views

Japan's first observatory built at the top of a dome: A 60m-long aerial escalator takes you to the observatory. From 53 m above the arena's ground level, you have a clear view of the whole arena and a spectacular view of the Sapporo urban area (fee required).

Experience the thrill and breadth of the Dome Tour

This tour is very popular. Our tour guides show you around backstage, including the bullpens and locker rooms used by popular players, which you couldn’t otherwise see. The tour takes about 50 minutes (fee required).

Shopping & Dining

Sports Stadium Sapporo is a baseball- and soccer-themed restaurant. It displays uniforms and other items regularly used by famous players and offers generous portions.


Goods Jam offers a large selection of merchandise: official merchandise of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, merchandise from all 12 pro-baseball teams, U.S. Major League Baseball products and Sapporo Dome original goods.


The Information counter accepts applications for the Dome Tour and entrance to the Observatory. Advance tickets for Sapporo Dome events are also available.


Public transportation to the Dome is by subway or bus. Taxi pick-up and drop-off points are on the premises. Advance car parking tickets are required during soccer and baseball games.
The parking lot is not accessible during concerts.

From downtown Sapporo:

- 13 minutes from Sapporo Subway Sta. to Fukuzumi Subway Sta. on the Toho Line and then approx. 10 minutes on foot from there to the Dome (500m)

- 30 minutes from JR Sapporo Sta. by taxi

From New Chitose Airport:

- 45 minutes by bus on the expressway and National Highway 36 to the “Sapporo Dome” bus stop

- 1 hour by JR and subway


Access Map